What Happens at an Immigration Medical Exam?

Immigration Medical Exam

Immigration Medical Exam Immigration medical exam (IME) may sound like the title of an exotic medical procedure, but it’s simply the first step to becoming a legal immigrant in the Nz. An IME can be requested by an employer, a family member, or even the immigrant himself or herself when they apply to become a […]

How much is the full medical for immigration NZ?

Immigration Nz

Immigration Nz How much does full medical cost in New Zealand? What documents do I need to apply? Are there any discounts available? Find out all you need to know to obtain your full medical certificate before moving to Immigration Nz . Also, learn about other documents required and how long it will take to […]

Medical Process for Visa in NZ: How to Get Yours

Medical Process

Start Here! Medical Process for Visa in NZ: Do you want to live and work in New Zealand? Then you need to know how to apply and get your Medical Process For VISA! Learn how to complete your Medical Process for VISA in New Zealand through our step-by-step instructions and begin your new life as […]

Immigration NZ E-Medical Consent – Why You Need It

Immigration NZ E-Medical Consent

Need immigration NZ E-Medical Consent? It’s the Immigration NZ E-Medical available and it’s used by Immigration NZ E-Medical specialists all over the world, including Immigration NZ E-Medical specialists in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, and all the other major cities around New Zealand.   Why is it Immigration NZ E-Medical Consent? Check out these 5 reasons why […]