New Zealand Medical Examination

New Zealand requires most visa applicants to undergo a medical examination to ensure that they do not pose a health risk to the country’s population. The medical examination must be carried out by a panel physician approved by the New Zealand Government. The examination includes a physical examination, chest x-ray, and blood tests to check for conditions such as tuberculosis, HIV, and hepatitis.

The medical examination is mandatory for most visa categories, including work, student, and resident visas. The results of the medical examination are sent directly to Immigration New Zealand by the panel physician, and may impact the outcome of the visa application.

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New Zealand Medical Examination – Document Checklist


A document checklist is a comprehensive list of all the documents required for a specific purpose or application, such as a visa application, job application, or loan application. The checklist ensures that all necessary documents are gathered and submitted, reducing the risk of delays or complications in the application process. The checklist may include documents such as identification papers, educational certificates, employment history, financial statements, and other supporting documents.

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The specific documents required may vary depending on the purpose of the application and the country or organization involved. It is important to carefully review the document checklist and ensure that all necessary documents are included before submitting the application.


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What Happens at an Immigration Medical Exam in New Zealand

What Happens at an Immigration Medical Exam?


New Zealand Medical Examination – Medical Reports and Supplies to Carry


When traveling, it’s important to carry any necessary medical reports and supplies to ensure that you can manage any existing medical conditions or unexpected health issues. Medical reports, such as prescriptions or medical history documents, provide valuable information to healthcare providers in case of an emergency.

Medications and medical supplies, such as insulin or inhalers, should be carried in their original containers and in a carry-on bag to ensure easy access during the flight. It’s also important to research any restrictions or requirements related to carrying medications or medical supplies in the destination country to avoid any complications during the trip.


New Zealand Medical Examination  – What Happens at the Time of the Examination?


During a medical examination for visa application, the applicant will be required to undergo a series of medical tests and evaluations to ensure that they do not pose a health risk to the population of the destination country. The examination usually involves a physical examination, blood tests, and a chest X-ray to screen for infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.

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The physician will also review the applicant’s medical history and may ask questions about their lifestyle and habits. The results of the medical examination will be forwarded to the immigration authorities for review and may impact the outcome of the visa application.

New Zealand Medical Examination  -Time Period of Examination and Result


The time period for a medical examination for visa application can vary depending on the country and the complexity of the tests required. Generally, the examination can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete, depending on the availability of the necessary medical facilities and personnel.

Once the examination is complete, the results are typically sent directly to the immigration authorities for review. The time it takes to receive a decision on the visa application will depend on the processing time for the specific visa category and the volume of applications being processed at the time.

The specific tests required for a New Zealand visa can vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for, your country of origin, your intended duration of stay, and other factors. Common types of tests and assessments that may be required for a New Zealand visa include:

Health Examination: Applicants for certain visa categories, such as work or residence visas, may be required to undergo a medical examination to ensure they meet New Zealand’s health requirements. This may include a general health check, chest X-ray, and/or a medical assessment by an approved panel physician.

Character Assessment: New Zealand immigration authorities will assess your character as part of the visa application process. This typically involves providing police clearance certificates or other evidence of good character.

English Language Proficiency: Some visa categories, such as skilled migrant visas, may require evidence of English language proficiency. This is usually assessed through recognized English language tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

Skills Assessment: For certain work-related visas, you may need to have your skills and qualifications assessed by a relevant New Zealand authority or professional body to ensure they meet New Zealand’s standards.

Financial Evidence: Some visas may require proof of your ability to financially support yourself during your stay in New Zealand. This can include bank statements, employment contracts, or sponsorship letters.

Relationship and Partnership Evidence: If you are applying for a visa based on a relationship or partnership, you may need to provide evidence of your genuine and stable relationship.

Specific Visa-Related Tests: Depending on the visa type, there may be additional tests or requirements. For example, student visas may require enrollment in a New Zealand education institution.

It’s important to note that the requirements can change, so it’s essential to consult the official website of Immigration New Zealand or contact the nearest New Zealand embassy or consulate to get the most up-to-date and specific information regarding the tests and assessments required for the particular visa you are interested in.

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How much is the full medical for immigration NZ?

What Happens at an Immigration Medical Exam in New Zealand


New Zealand Medical Examination  – Cost of Medical Certificate

The cost of a medical certificate for visa application can vary depending on the country and the type of medical examination required. In some countries, the medical examination fee is included in the overall visa application fee, while in others, it is a separate fee paid directly to the approved panel physician.

The cost of medical supplies, such as vaccinations or medications, may also be an additional expense. It is important to research the specific requirements and associated costs of the medical examination for the visa category being applied for, and to ensure that all fees are paid in full before the application is submitted.

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